Is an interactive vocal / energy healing workshop for not only vocalists, but for anyone who wants to:

  • Discover more personal freedom
  • Get in touch with sound as a healing force
  • See more vocal freedom
  • Clear blockages in your 5th chakras and any associated chakras
  • Explore unexplored resonance possibilities for your voice
  • Experiment with the effect of the harmonic textures of others
  • Hear yourself in a new way

The group will be taken on a safe and guided pathworking to connect each of you to your primal individual voices, then work in the space to create different layering resonances, culminating in a powerful group healing focused on each individual.

Contact Valentina at (415) 887-7699 for information on the next workshop.

Valentina is a certified Intuition Medicine practitioner in the state of California and a professional opera singer who has appeared on the world's opera stages and on national television, radio and film soundtracks.