Case Study #1 - Red Griffin

Judy is a 46 year old educational consultant and real estate investor living on the East Coast.  Highly intelligent and inquisitive, our sessions always include hugely transformational events for her.

Before every session, I take time to prepare my state in order to be fully present, neutral, and ready to receive the energy information.  This also includes “looking” at the client’s reading area before they arrive, to preview any issues that may be up that day.

During my pre-work with Judy for this session, I saw an enormous, scarlet red Griffin with sharp gold claws perched to the right of her energy body.  Upon my viewing of him, he raised his wings and slowly flapped his way to the left of my viewing field, stopping just outside of it, to turn around, settle in and watch.   Intrigued, I observed with an attitude of “Hmmm, interesting”. . .

When Judy called, I did not mention the Griffin, as the primary energy form that was now demanding my attention was a large, opaquely grey, triangular-shaped, looming object, not unlike the alien “Mother ships” depicted in our current Sci Fi television and film epics.  As with all of this work, I objectively reported to Judy what I was perceiving in her space, and proceeded to silently do further inquiry into the nature of it.  As I inquired, I received the knowledge that this energy was related to her mother.  Always careful of that attribution (poor mothers get blamed for everything!) I then performed my protocol for discarding it to see if it stubbornly returned, in order to make sure I was not projecting any personal psychology or cultural intellectualizing in to the healing space. The attribution did return, so I told Judy that this energy pattern was appearing to me as being related to her mother.  She quickly replied: “Yea, I just got off the phone with her.”

We delved deeper, and I described the energy information that was contained in the Mother ship triangle as being that of concern and worry     . . . literally, a hovering energy, which was also immediately evident in the literal construction of the symbol the energy took for itself.  Judy told me that her mother was very much a worrier, most especially about her brother, and his issues.

Since Judy was going through a recent renaissance of growth and transformation through clearing out old energetic patterns, her family members were feeling her shifts, as well. Part of her struggle was to claim her growth in the face of her familial expectations.  Without exception, I have found in this work that all energy patterns present themselves to the healer when they are ready to be transmuted.  The Mother ship that appeared today was yet another example of that, as Judy was now ready to shed her own agreements to harbor her mother’s hovering worry energy, and henceforth free both of them of that burden.  She confided that her mother has been very curious about what she has been up to lately. By now it was apparent that this session had developed into one that was to deal with long standing family dynamics.

We progressed into a protocol for updating the energetic agreements that existed between Judy and her mother. As I did this, the imagery that appeared before me was of Judy and her mother as the archetypes of “Ladies who Lunch”:  attired in 1940's hats, gloves, dresses, pearls, and fur, and laughing together as cohorts in a master scheme of fun. . . True friends.  I reported this to Judy, and it resonated with her deeply, as she confirmed back to me that she and her mother have exactly this kind of rapport together, even within the context of the maternal hovering worry.   Often in cases of updating energetic agreements, there is resistance between the parties that needs addressing before the shift can happen, especially with family members.  Not so in this case.

As the previous energy contracts updated and shifted to Judy’s current intention of how she wished to be with her mother and herself, the large, opaquely grey, triangular-shaped, looming object started dissipating, and exploded into thousands of tiny, pink shards of light.  We infused the new information into Judy’s up-to-date configuration, and I reported to her my strong impression of a deep sense of palpable relief on the part of her mother’s energy and of her own to be free of the burden of her mother’s worry, and to be free to just “be” together, incorporating Judy’s new-found growth.   Judy acknowledged feeling great shifts and a lightening in her physical body and her subtle body, as well as a sense of enthusiasm for her improved state.

As we began to close out the session, I remembered the red Griffin, and told Judy about what I saw at the start of her consultation.  She laughed, delighted, and said, much to my surprise: “Oh!  Well, there are two things about that:  My family crest has a red Griffin in it, and about two weeks ago I had just decided for some reason that I wanted to add a red Dragon or Griffin creature clip art to my email. 

I didn’t know why. . .”

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"Mother's love is peace. It may not be acquired, it need not be deserved." 

Erich Fromm (1900 - 1980)