Counseling and Energy Medicine Services

Private sessions are one hour, and are performed remotely, over the phone, from any quiet location. 

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"I have worked with Valentina for about five months, and it has been an experience to remember.  I know that the positive dramatic life changes that have occurred recently in my life has a lot to do with the energy work that we do together.  Valentina's ability to speak from her heart and share what she perceives in my field is amazing.  We are both constantly in awe of how the images and general "reading" mirror the dynamics and circumstances going on with me, particularly when it comes to relationships. The clearing that has occurred has allowed tremendous shifts to take place and for new things to enter my field. Throughout this process, Valentina is keen to make sure that I'm grounded and back in present time, which is essential for bringing in the positive newness during change.  I feel honoured to have the opportunity of these readings and healings.  I greatly appreciate Valentina's non-judgmental attitude, her openness to anything new, her own curiosity which stimulates my own, and her deep integrity and honour that she maintains throughout this work.  Thank you Valentina!  "    ~CM, Therapist, Vancouver, BC

"I began working with Valentina while I was in the middle of a major life crisis and huge upheaval. I feel very fortunate to have found her.
Readings with Valentina leave me with some much needed clarity and feeling activated and rejuvenated.
Recently I had two readings fairly close together that helped me to address energetic dynamics which were really blocking me from manifesting a specific goal I had set for myself. After the second reading, I could tell something major had shifted, and oh my! did the manifesting begin after that!
I would recommend this type of work to anyone feeling really stuck in their lives; in my experience, circumstances/situations that have that really dense and sticky quality to them usually indicate that an energetic assessment is called for. Valentina is a wonderful "go to" in such moments.
~SMR, Manager, Fairfax, CA

"I had a unique opportunity to work with Valentina for about five months. I was amazed and very appreciative of how she was able to get straight to the heart of an issue. Not only is she incredibly intuitive, but also very intelligent. She brings a wealth of knowledge from many different fields of study into her work. She is articulate, clear, and most of all, her healings are filled with kindness and love. She brought an open-hearted presence to every session! I felt honored and respected and I knew that anything that came up to be healed would be treated with the utmost respect and care."
~JC, Educator, San Anselmo, CA

"I have had the opportunity to work with Valentina in many different scenarios; one on one, in group healing and teaching experiences, and a session in resolving a relationship impasse with a close friend.
I first met Valentina while a student at Academy of Intuition Medicine; I felt so lucky to have her agree to be my tutor.  I was working through one of the biggest transitions in my life.  She was instrumental in teaching me how to work through the changes, heal into the present and freeing me to prepare and plan for my future goals.
While Valentina held space for me to heal in the present, she patiently worked with my energetic body so I could navigate the new teachings I was receiving, guiding me to become more aware of my grounding and my energetic responsibility that has lead to a much healthier way of being in my life and in relationship with others. This deeper connection I have with myself has freed me from old patterns of being.
Her healthy positive affect has directly and indirectly flowed from my healing into lives of my friends and family resulting in big shifts in all the major relationships in my life. From my personal experience as a her tutee and client, via phone and in person; she works in a loving, non judgmental, and unbiased environment that embodies the Art and Grace of Healing.
Even now after I have graduated and begun my own practice, I still seek her wisdom and healing abilities in my own journey. I highly recommend her for all your healing needs. "

~SB, Professional Energy Healing Practitioner, Boulder, CO

"I consider working with Valentina one of the best adventures of my spiritual/emotional journey. I felt that she saw me completely, without judgment or preconception, and was able to directly address my questions and fears with compassion and gentle humor. She has that rare ability to facilitate and teach, and at the same time learn and grow with every one of her intuitive healing sessions. Honest, direct, creative, and sooo funny!--how refreshing it is to laugh through the growing pains! I truly treasure our sessions."
~WS, Acupuncturist, Intuitive Integrative Medicine, San Jose, CA
"I loved working with Valentina.  She is a very gifted energy healer.  Valentina's sense of vision and her creative approach to healing are transformational.  I learned a great deal about myself in our work together and with Valentina's guidance, I discovered new, unlimited potential and unexpected possibilities.  She is a master at detailing both intuitive thoughts as well as feelings.  Very powerful work and loads of fun!"
~MWD, Set In Motion: Transformational Life Coaching, Los Gatos, CA

"Valentina is such a beautiful, wise and generous spirit. Her curious, gentle and creative nature evoke healing at a deep and profound level. I admire Valentina, not only for her gifted talent in assisting me in my own healing, but for the inspiration she provides through the unceasing dedication to her own spiritual journey as well. "
~SB, Admissions Officer, San Rafael, CA


"The vital force is not enclosed in man but radiates within and around him like a luminous sphere.
 It may poison the essence of life and create disease, or it may purify and restore health."
Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)